Why did you make this?

I have been making music videos professionally for over 10 years now. I really enjoyed the challenge of taking someone's song and turning it into a cinematic video. Having said that, Music videos only allow you (As a film maker) to show off a limited skill set. I believe that in order to progress in my career and take things to the next level, I needed to write and direct a short film. I have been scared of doing narrative for a while now… I don’t know why but it has always been something I was too afraid to take on. So for me, this is to prove to myself that I can take an original idea and execute. 

What are you trying to say with this film?

You never really know who or when you are going to fall for someone. But when it happens, that attraction, you realise your don't actually know that person and what they are going to infect you with. Maybe its new thoughts or feelings, or experiences - maybe its a virus, STDs - you just don't ever really KNOW, you just HOPE! So this movie is a metaphor for the way humans just dive in sometimes on the briefest of meetings, the smallest things that we can have in common. Given the way the world is right now, seems kind of ironic.

This film is NOT for everyone. It is strange, different, and to some people OFFENSIVE. As this film is self funded, I didn’t have to sit inside the criteria of a funding body.


If I can entertain and keep the attention of an audience for 9 minutes and if by the end of it they are going “What did I just watch?!!! Then I will be happy. 

What did you enjoy while making this film?

I really enjoyed working with such an amazing team. The cast were professional and put their all into each of their roles. The crew were so hard working so a BIG thank you all x.

What obstacles did you face while making this film?

The whole shoot was pretty smooth. The biggest challenge I faced was independently funding this project. Finding the cash to pull something like this together is not easy and carries a huge amount of risk. There is literally no way I will make my money back, but the main thing is to showcase what can be done with talented Kiwis even in a national lockdown! I mean come on... If anything is going to go NZ way after things even out, is a safe country with talented professionals to make great fillms.

What does this film say about you as a director?

This film is my coming out party. It says that I back myself and I’m not afraid to take risks. If people like weird stuff, I'm your guy. 


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